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Apr 02

Online lingerie brand PrettySecrets to go Offline

The first two stores that the brand is going to launch on 2nd of April would be company owned stores and for the rest 28 stores, the brand would follow franchising business model.

Online lingerie brand PrettySecrets is making entry in brick and mortar retailing with the launch of two stand alone stores in Mumbai on 2nd April’2017. The brand also to launch additional 30 stores by 2017 and 300 stores by 2019, a top company official said this today.

“We are opening our exclusive stores in Mumbai day after tomorrow. We also have plans to make 30 stores operational by November 2017 and 300 stores by 2019,” Karan Behal, founder & CEO, PrettySecrets said.

The first two stores that the brand is going to launch on 2nd of April would be company owned stores and for the rest 28 stores, the brand would follow franchising business model.

For company owned stores, Behal said the average investment they are putting is around Rs 50 lakh. However, for the franchise stores, the investment range would be between Rs 35 lakh to 60 lakh, depending on the size and location of those stores.

“Twenty of these stores would be located in Mumbai and rest of the stores can be pan India. The stores are expected to contribute 25% to the company’s revenues in the next 3 years and by 2020, we hope to capture a market share of 3-5%. ” Behal, said.

Talking about the lingerie market in India, Behal said the size of the market including the nightwear segment, is 20000 crore and has been growing at 20% CAGR over the past 5 years and it is going to reach around Rs 30000 crore by 2020.

He said success of lingerie business in India largely depends on three factors- including manufacturing, supply chain and inventory. Since a particular product like a bra can have as many as 16-24 different sizes, whereas a shirt can be found in 3-4 sizes, here the inventory control is very crucial.

“Offline distribution should also scale and we will be present in around 1,000 plus stores by end of this year and maintain our dominance of the online marketplaces that we are already dominating,” revealed Behal.

Presently, PrettySecrets.com serves more than 19,000 pincodes in India. The brand wants to optimize its omni-channel presence and offer the Indian consumers more than just a click-and-ship marketplace. Thus, it will soon release its Progressive Web App (PWA) in 2017 for an ultra-modern shopping experience.

According to Behal, “We raised the Series B round about nine months ago and the way, the company is structured and the way our plans are going we do not require additional funding to execute these plans.”

The brand is shipping out more than 1,500 to 2,000 units of products per day and has grown at about 150 per cent as compared to the last year.

“Our goal is from now till December we grow at around 200 per cent. So by December, the target is that we are shipping out at least 4,000 units a day,” revealed Behal.


Jul 25

Toonz Retail eyes Rs 100-cr sales by FY18

Toonz Retail, which specialises in retailing kidswear and toys, plans to open 50 stores in two years as it chases a turnover of over Rs 100 crore by fiscal 2017-18.

The company is also planning to open 50 stores of its new apparel brand ‘Super Young’ by next year.

“We are looking at over Rs 100 crore turnover by financial year 2017-18. There is a big gap in apparel offerings in the market..we are looking to cover that with Super Young brand,” Toonz Retail Managing Director and CEO Sharad Venkta told PTI.

He further said: “We are looking at positioning change with new brand by opening smaller stores in metro cities and in premiums shopping malls.”
ToonZ Retail
At present, the company operates 100 Toonz Retail outlets in South and North India.

“70 per cent of our stores are in South and 30 per cent in North. We plan to continue opening more outlets in the South..it is untapped market we would continue to open more store in the South,” Venkta said.

Toonz Retail, which has modeled it as one-stop shop for kids of 0 to 12 years, is expanding its network based on franchise model.
The company is also looking at expanding it international presence by entering into new markets.
“At present, we have one operational store in Saudi Arabia…we plan to open two more by September this year..We are also in discussion to open more stores in international locations..but it may take time to materialise..We are looking at markets like GCC countries, Egypt and Mexico,” he added.

The company also supplies its products to Fiji, Mauritius and Nepal.

“We expect ‘Super Young’ to contribute 18-19 per cent in our total sales..We plan to invest 20 crore for expansion. This sum will be utilised for brand building and development of new products,” Venkta said.
Toonz Retail operates stores in Delhi-NCR, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Arunachal Pradesh.

May 02

Generating extra income with franchising

During these difficult financial times, almost everyone wants to have an extra income without having to put in much effort. Now why do people feel the need of an extra income? It might be due to the fact that their full-time job doesn’t pay them well enough to fulfill all their basic as well as luxurious needs. Or maybe it’s simply because they want to have something else beside their full-time job to support them through recession or after their retirement. Whatever the reason might be, the fact is an extra income doesn’t harm anyone. It’s always good to have a separate source of income apart from your full-time job, and especially if it doesn’t demand too much of your time and effort.

Now, the moment you think about extra earning, the first thing bothering you is – how? There are several factors that have to be considered before you decide the best way for you to boost your income. You must take into account your sphere of knowledge, your interests and talents, the capacity and willingness to invest and the time and effort you can put in.

If you have an inclination towards business and the willingness to invest, franchising is definitely one the promising choices you have, among all other options. Franchising is the process of buying the legal right to market the products/services of a particular business brand under its trade name.

Owning a franchise doesn’t involve even half the risk of setting a whole new unit of your own. A franchise provides you with professional support and an extensive, effective training that helps you in understanding the concerned business rules and policies. When you own a franchise, you sell products or services that already have a recognized name in the market. Hence it saves all the time and effort of getting the products/services recognized among the masses. The franchisor also bears the responsibility of advertising for the success and expansion of the business brand.

franchise includes food chains, fitness centers, cleaning services, salon and spa, beauty products, consulting firms etc. So there’s a wide variety of options to choose from based on your field of interest and the investment you are capable of making. Once you choose the right franchise for you, you are assisted with all kinds of professional help and advice regarding marketing, management, bookkeeping, human resources etc. from the franchisor as well as fellow franchisees.

With this kind of support system, it’s convenient for you to run a business beside your full-time job. You can depend on the franchisor to take care of most of the business hassles starting from employee management to advertising, don’t have to stress yourself with unnecessary burdens and thus concentrate on your full-time job, while giving a lift to your income.


Jan 24

Franchising and Business Opportunities

In recent times, franchising has evolved as one of the most promising and popular business options, among both high and low investor groups. Franchising is a process where a person, known as the franchisee, enters into a legal agreement with the franchisor, who is the owner of a business brand, to sell the products/services of the particular brand under its trademark. The franchisee has to make an investment in order to achieve this legal right over the products/services as well as a professional training and support from the franchisor.

Franchises are available in almost all business sectors, which enable one to choose a business that best suits his needs, passion, competence and investment capacities. If you are tired of making money for others and dream of running an organization of your own, you must consider and evaluate the business opportunities available in franchising. For this, you must first be aware of the various types of businesses that offer franchises.

  • Food: The business that never lacks demand is food. People are always in search of good, high-quality food. Food franchises are available from various reputed brands like KFC, Subway, and The Taco Maker Inc etc.
  • Beauty salon and Spa: Another business that is always in demand is that of beauty centres. In today’s time, when people are getting more and more style conscious, looking beautiful is becoming a necessity for people coming from almost all social backgrounds. Several beauty salons franchises are available like Lotus Professional Salon, Lakme Salon, Juice Salon etc.
  • Apparel and Shoes: In a civilized society, people cannot do without these necessities. And brand names attract people specially. In a fashion conscious society people love to flaunt branded commodities. Some of the apparel brands that offer franchises are Van Huesen, Monte Carlo fashions Ltd., Nautical etc. And for shoes there are Nike, Reebok, Puma etc.
  • Educational institutions: Several Montessori and pre-schools like Kidzee, ABC Montessori etc. offer franchises. If you are passionate about education and love spending time with children, this is the best option for you. Franchises are available from various management institutions as well.
  • Cleaning services: Cleaning franchises include various cleaning services such as commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, dry-cleaning etc.
  • Consultancy firms: A consultancy firm is where you get professional advice on a particular field from a person having an extensive knowledge in that field. Various kinds of consultants are available namely legal consultants, HR consultants, strategy consultants, marketing consultants, public relations consultants etc. You can opt for any of these consultancy franchises.
  • Home based franchises: Home based franchises that include beauty products, cleaning services, travel planning etc are best suited for housewives, students and retired people. It provides the convenience of working from your home at your own scheduled time.

Apart from these significant business sectors, hundreds of others are available like franchises from fitness centers, pet supplies, jewelry, bookstores, automotive, insurance, mail and courier services and so on. Choose from this wide range of options based on your interest and convenience, and make use of these existing business opportunities.

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Dec 20

The Franchising Business – Some Expert Tips and Advices

Starting a franchising business involves a number of steps including creating a franchise development plan, documentation of operational procedures, making arrangements for training and assistance, preparing a franchise contract, attracting franchisees, establishing new franchisees, and organizing your business setup. Similar to any other business, there are certain pros and cons involved in becoming a franchisee.

Given below are some expert tips and advices that have been categorized into do’s and don’ts. You can always follow these advices to make a well-informed decision.


  1. Always provide a precise estimate about your financial state to the franchisor so that he can evaluate whether this investment is sensible for you.
  2. When you are being asked questions, you should give straight, candid and truthful replies. Whenever you have any doubt, try to make it clear. This will earn you regard from your franchisor.
  3. Always fill out the application forms meticulously. In the beginning, the franchisor will evaluate how comprehensively you answer. This form will be kept by the franchisor in his records if he goes ahead with you.
  4. Always ask questions regarding how interviews or conferences will be conducted. Always stay ready. Read the fine print carefully all the time. Ask for the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC).
  5. You should always ensure that you are well dressed whenever you come to the meeting. This will create a positive impression in the franchisor’s mind that you are sincere about the deal.
  6. You should always be co-operative regarding any evaluation methods since this will help the franchisor ascertain your pluses and minuses.
  7. Always try to keep a professional relationship with the franchisor. Take sufficient time for exploring the franchisor and its present franchisees.


  1. You should not be ambiguous or avoid any matters. Always try to provide particular answers to the questions you face from the franchisor.
  2. You should not overstate your financial condition. If you lack adequate finance, you might face insolvency in the very beginning of your commercial venture.
  3. You should not misrepresent or leave blank areas in the application form. Any kind of misrepresentation may backfire on you.
  4. You should not carry any assumption that you are aware of everything that is going to be discussed in the meeting. If you are taken by surprise, then the franchisor may think you are incapable.
  5. You should not pretend to be someone which you are not. You might be considered as unreliable by the franchisor.
  6. You should not make decisions by feeling obliged, afraid, or emotional. Always keep in mind that you are entering a long-standing association and the individual from whom you are buying the franchise might not be there at some point.

No matter what the scale of operation of the franchisor is, they will always search for franchisees who can provide high quality services and help their business grow by customer satisfaction.

Oct 10

7 Steps to Successful Franchising: Important Information

7 Steps to Successful Franchising

Everyone wants to be successful in life and the desire of a franchising business owner is no different. However, becoming a franchisor is not so easy in this competitive economy. If you can’t run your business properly, then you might have to resort to bankruptcy. Given below are seven proven steps to successful franchising:

1) Start with a franchise development plan

If you think that your own business is in a satisfactory position, then the initial step you should take is to compose a franchise development plan. This would work as a blueprint which has many resemblances with a business plan and will take into consideration many factors such as your budget, your objectives, planned growth, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), supply chain, marketing plans, necessary features of franchisees, management structure, fees and royalties payable by the franchisees, and the quality monitoring procedures.

2) Get standard systems ready

Once you are done with a franchise development plan, you need to carry out a documentation procedure for all the tools and methods implemented in your enterprise which resulted in its accomplishment. You need to do it in an elaborate manner and if possible, can take the help of a professional to deal with this. You need to carry out a field trial of these methods with the first franchisee you’re going to work with.

3) Training and assistance

Once the documentation procedure is done, you also have to think about the training and assistance that is required for turning your franchise business into a productive one. You also need to calculate the expenditure that you have to incur for this training.

4) A franchise contract

Subsequent to the third step, you have to draft a franchise contract. To do this, you need to discuss with an attorney who offers specialized services related to franchise businesses. The terms and conditions laid down in this contract should be as unambiguous as possible so that no tussle takes place between you (the franchisor) and the franchisee. The contract should include features like proprietorship, expenses, necessary rules of operations, safety, disagreement settlement strategies, roles, legal accountability, training, and assistance.

5) Drawing the right franchisees

As soon as the franchise contract has been properly drafted, you have to start drawing franchisees to your business. There are different methods of doing it, including online ads, newspaper ads, and periodical ads.

6) Setting up new franchisees

For this purpose, you have to figure out an orientation and grooming method for the franchisee. This will help them become a useful component of franchise enterprise. You have to be conscious that substantial support or reassurance is needed in the beginning. You can also incorporate your existing franchisees into it. This will help you grow your clientele.

7) Handling your franchise setup

In this step, you have to:

  • Evaluate the objectives and performance recurrently to take into consideration peripheral elements
  • Introduce systems for keeping an eye on the franchise.
  • Be accessible to your franchisees without difficulty via email or telephone.
  • Go to all the franchisees frequently.

You can also contemplate setting up a franchisee board for assembling and talking about concepts and exposures and get certain contributions into the functioning of the franchise.

Oct 04

Is franchise an alternative to be your own boss

If you are thinking of kissing goodbye to your boss and possessing an establishment of your own, you can think of franchising as an excellent option. Franchising is the process where the owner of a business brand (franchisor) gives the legal right to another person (franchisee) to market the products or services of that particular brand under its trade name. The franchisee pays the franchisor in order to obtain the right and the franchisor in return provides guidance, training, manpower and professional support. If you think leadership and management are your forte, then franchising can be an extremely promising opportunity for you.

There are several positive points in favor of franchising being an alternative to be your own boss.

  • It minimizes the high risk involved in starting and establishing a new business. Getting attached to a brand that has already proved its worth is more beneficial than introducing a new name in the market.
  • The extensive training provided by the franchise is valuable for setting up a business successfully. Most franchises would train a franchisee in the field of marketing, management, human resources, accounting etc. Often they provide business consultants to give professional advice to new franchisees. This helps immensely in the understanding and development of the business.
  • Attracting customers to an already recognized brand is always more convenient. It saves you all the time and effort of bringing a product or service to peoples’ attention. People are usually more comfortable with brands they are accustomed with.
  • Franchise gives a definite and clear idea of the investment cost. Before you start the business you know the exact level of expenses to expect. This prevents you from bumping into sudden, unforeseen expenditures.
  • Hiring and managing employees is an additional headache. It is the responsibility of a franchise to provide efficient and professional workers, trained to work with that particular brand.
  • Fellow franchisees are available for consultation and advice that helps new franchisees recognize the requirements and policies of the business and also helps in maximizing the success rate of the same.
  • Since a recognized brand is already widely known, it saves you the cost and effort of advertisement. It is the sole responsibility of the franchisor to advertise for the progress and expansion of the business.

Keeping these points in mind, it can be said that if you are tired of working under someone else and aspire to be your own boss, franchising is definitely one of the choices where you can surely have a profit with minimal risk and hassle.

Mar 09

What is the “Power” of your clothes? “I AM KHADI”


Did you know that the clothes we wear are also polluting our rivers, destroying crops, making and dead zones in the seas and most importantly, increasing global warming?

How is this happening?

Clothes and other textiles can affect the environment to varying degrees throughout their life cycles. Before textiles reach the consumer, they have gone through many different chemical processes. They may be treated with chemicals to dye them, make them more hard-wearing or wrinkle-resistant, or less flammable. Some flame retardants that are used in certain textiles contain organic bromine compounds that break down very slowly in the environment, hence last much longer. Some of these chemicals are carcinogenic or may cause harm to children even before birth. Other may trigger allergic reactions in some people.

All textiles processes have an impact on the environment. The industry uses large amounts of natural resources such as water, while many operations use chemical sand solvents. All companies use energy, produce solid, discharge effluent and emit dust, and toxic gases into the atmosphere

The clothes we wear like everything else we use today in the modern day – use power or electricity and also energy – in the making of the thread / yarn, the making of the cloth, packaging, marketing, merchandising until it comes to you…

That would mean, use of gas and coal for making electricity to run the machines, making plastic for packaging and use of petrol for transportation; which in turn means more coal mining, oil drilling, more thermal power plants, or nuclear power plants or large dams to produce more “power” or electricity and to have more “power” or transportation.

And what does all this mean? Increase in Green house Gases and Global Warming.

The greatest problem that each and every one of us is facing today is Global Warming.

The planet is in peril – the green house gases Carbon dioxide and Methane among others are increasing day by day, trapping the sun’s heat on the earth. Thus, the earth is warming up. Our glaciers are melting and If this goes on unchecked very soon, i.e., within the next twenty years or so, our perennial rivers like Ganga, Brahmaputra will dry out. The sea levels are already rising and will rise further submerging the coastal areas. In many parts of india and even in Andhra Pradesh, coastal villages have started to disappear under the sea. Not just this, flash floods have increased and as we saw last year, lakhs of acres of crops were lost under water. If this continues we will be facing a water and food crisis. And future wars will be fought for water and the day may not be far when we see people killing each other for a morsel of food.

So, is there a way out?

Yes, there is – reducing our carbon foot prints – using low energy alternatives – khadi.

Khadi is a totally handmade cloth – right from spinning of the yarn to production of the cloth. Thus, low energy or no energy is used in this entire process.

Besides being eco-friendly, these clothes generate employment. Khadi is one of the three largest Employment generating sectors in india along with agriculture and retail. There is a total of 3 crore people dependent on khadi sector.

Indian khadi fabrics, were extremely famous the world over and were considered the best fabrics the world ever produced. However, today, khadi is not valued by our own people. The market for khadi is shrinking, forcing many skilled craftsmen and women to seek labour work elsewhere and some others, unable to bear the poverty are committing suicides. So, if we switch our choice to khadi, not only do we save these lives, but we can encourage more people to take up this craft.

We, the consumers, have the “power” to charge the situation – to better their lives and to protect our environment and thus, our won future. By using low energy consuming khadi, we reduce the need to produce more electricity, meaning, we need not set up more Power projects, need not displace any more people, need not disturb our environment, nor destroy people’s lives.

Mar 02

Indian Ethnic Wear Industry – Franchise in Women Ethnic Wear

If we observe the Indian ethnic wear industry, then it becomes quite evident that ethnic wear has become a quite important segment of Indian clothes market. Not only among the women of older generation but the ethnic wear is gaining great popularity in the younger generation also. The reasons for this popularity may be comfort level that they offer their style statement and most importantly these clothes are ready to wear.

Span Store

Many bigger brands are investing in the ethnic wear and Indian ethnic wear industry is growing by leaps and bounds with the passage of time.  Franchising in women ethnic wear is also becoming a significant business venture with the advent of this industry not only in India but abroad also. The Indian ethnic wear industry has undergone a transformational time over the last few years. The changing trends in the fashion and the investment by many foreign brands has given this industry a new dimension and made it emerge as one of the bigger segments in the apparel industry over the country.

Major players in the apparel industry are beginning to diversify towards the ethnic wear in order to exploit the business advantages from this highly lucrative industry. The big fashion stores are investing in Indian ethnic wear greatly and are reserving up to 40 per cent space in the stores for this new fashionable apparel.

With the growing presence of such highly organized retail industry in the country and the rapid spread in mall & online shopping culture, the Indian ethnic wear industry is all set to witness great growth in the coming future.  The growing potential of ethnic wear as an industrial product has become a great attraction for the business investors and is also fascinating many retailers in this segment of apparel that carries Indian traditional values with along with the perfect balance of fashion.

For trying your hand in Indian ethnic wear industry you can look forward for having a franchise from one of the leading name in the broad Indian ethnic wear industry. One such name that has established itself in Indian ethnic wear market with its exquisitely tremendous styles and designs, cost effectiveness and tremendously dedicated services is Span Apparels Pvt. Ltd. They also provide franchises to the capable associates to expand their business. They are a trustable name in the market. Span Franchise Business Opportunities in India Get the Span Apparels Pvt Ltd. Span Franchising Information

Feb 21

Importance of Ethnic Wear in the Office

Ethnic wear is gaining much popularity these days among women from all spheres of life and of all age groups. One of the reasons behind this kind of growth in the Indian ethnic wear industry is the growing number of working women in the country. As the number of working women in the industry is growing, they all are diverting their attention towards these comfortable ethnic wear which are fashionable yet suit the formal office look.

ethnic-wear at office

If we look at the demographics, then we realize that ethnic wear accounts for more than 65 per cent of the women’s wardrobe. Especially the working women constitute the biggest segment that purchases the ethnic wear. These apparels have become the fashion trend of the time which makes women feel quite comfortable in the office. Women feel it is quite easier to carry ethnic wear in the office whole day which makes them look good and they also feel comfortable while working. Moreover, the ethnic apparels are available in different prices ranges from few hundred bucks to few thousand bucks. Hence they suit everyone’s pocket in a great way and working women can opt for economical brands.

ethnic-wear-at- office

The ethnic wear is available in sophisticated materials with elegant & classic finish to provide the women the much required formal look for the office. The ethnic dresses impressively transmit individuality, profound sensuality and glamour in the noblest manner. Also the entry of many well known fashion designers in the ethnic wear market has made this segment of apparel much trendier and has added the glamour element in the traditional ethnic wear in a very graceful manner. All these elements make the ethnic wear, the first choice of the working women when it comes to their day to day office clothing and have raised the importance of ethic wear in the office.

Now if you are looking for exploring your business ethics or thinking of investing in some ardently beneficial business field then Indian ethnic wear industry is best suitable option. Further you can contact Span Apparels Pvt. Ltd. for the opportunity of seeking a franchise from them since they are a leading name in the wide Indian ethnic wear industry. For more information regarding the franchise terms & conditions along with basic requirements you can visit their official web page. So visit Franchise Offer for more information.

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